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Time Machine - Fun with History


"Time Machine - Fun with History" is an exhibition located in one of the most unique buildings on Mount Gradowa, the Mortar Battery. The brick architecture and the repetitive rhythm of the arches lead guests into an extraordinary interior where you can, among other things, explore military secrets, learn how to count cannon balls, and load a weapons.

To reflect the historical use of the building, replica mortars have been set up in three Mortar Battary dungeons. The main attractions, however, are three interactive applications controlled by … gestures. The first of these gives you the opportunity to learn how to handle a cannon as well as a mortar. Step by step, you can undergo training by performing the commands issued by the commander and ultimately shoot a virtual cannon! The last application in turn is a unique uniform fitting room . By utilizing the latest technology, you will see yourself in one of the three uniforms historically associated with Mount Gradowa: municipal policeman from the time of the siege of Gdańsk by the Russian-Saxon troops (year 1734), rifleman with the 10th Infantry Regiment of the Duchy of Warsaw, the Free City of Gdańsk (1812), or grenadier with the 5th Grenadier Regiment “King Frederick I” (1910). Together with the uniform, which is complemented with appropriate headgear, you can also equip yourself with weapons appropriate for the selected formation. So, lovers of history - charge!

The exhibition is in the Mortar Battery.