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Break the code and discover a new dimension of mathematics!

The "Puzzle" exhibition is a three-dimensional space: mathematical, interactive, and unconventional. It consists of more than 20 stations for experimenting - where mathematics governs, but in an unprecedented way!

By crossing the mathematical "puzzle" threshold, we enter the world of geometry, symmetry, and numbers. The mathematical setting, however, is only a backdrop for interactive learning and fun. A collection of the exhibition’s main attractions includes the multiplication tower, the Pythagorean theorem in liquid form, and the Möbius strip. Here you can also see what your face would look like if it were composed of two left or two right halves or check whether a meter is the same length for all. Visiting the mathematical "Puzzle" is a perfect idea for a unique scientific experience.

The exhibition is located in the Guardhouse over the Mortar Battery postern.